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Would you like to make Friend or Enemy?

Would you like to make Friend or Enemy?

Making enemy is easy. However, making friend is even easier. You need not to fight with them, just because you have righteous. Making enemy is like choosing an unriped to fruit instead of choosing well riped fruit.

Here is a story. There was a farmer who has many sheep and has the a man as a neighbor who has hunting dogs. The hunting dogs often hunt the sheep. Now the former has two choices to get rid of the bad situation. One is, he can fight with his neighbor or give a complaint on him and make his neighbor as his enemy. The second is, he can give his sons, two sheep as a compliment. This step will make the man control over his hunting dogs automatically. Also will make him as a friend of the farmer.


Thus we have two choices. One is love and hate. If you choose love, you will be happy forever.Here Nassar's speech about A R Rahman - regarding choosing love.

When others don't smile, give them some of your smiles. When others are not happy, give some of your joy. when others have no light, give you light. Here you won't lose anything. But you are giving. Don't mind if they are receiving.

Remember, everyone is created by God. When they are created by good one, they must be a good one.

We can even learn from the tree. It takes all the garbages, converts them as a tasty fruit.

A R Rahman

The Empty Boat - What to do with your Anger?

The Empty Boat

If you show your anger, it will spoil your happiness, will make you feel guilty, will spoil the relationship. If you don't show your anger, it will be gathered, one day it will blast on those person or anyone who is in front of us. Not only it spoils the relationship, your happiness and your good conduct, it will also spoils your health.

So, how to control your anger? Should you really control it? Or you should realize that there is no use of anger? Here is a zen story.

When a Zen master was meditating in his floating boat, he felt some other boat hit his boat and it disturbed his meditation. He got angry. He wanted to scold the person who was sailing the boat hit his boat. He opened his eyes. It was an empty boat. None was there to get scolded. He couldn't show his anger to anyone. At that point, he got enlightenment.

The Empty Boat

Whenever something or someone makes you angry, just see the empty boat in it or in them. You will feel no angry. In fact if you realize, there is none or nothing is the reason for the anger. It's inside you.

When you get water in a mug from an empty bucket, you will get no water in the mug. Thus, what makes you angry or who makes you angry, will get those such words, they are inside you. It's not created by them. Instead, it's within you. What is inside is coming out.

Empty your cup. Fill with happiness. Let all get happiness from you.

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