Why Hard Work Fails?

Hiking - Hurdles are stepping stones. - A Motivational Post.

Mere hard work does not enough for success. You have to do it with pleasure and involvement. If you work hard, your life will become hard. So, don’t do what you feel hard.

If you make the life so hard, for yourself, you will make it so hard, for those who are around you. If you are going to spread the happiness in this world, do it as much you can. However, you better do nothing, instead of spreading the sadness.

You have to understand your work, think how it works and do it. Simply you will get succeed. Many people get the way which is so easy or so hard, rather than which is right. That's why they fail.

Believe in your dream - Hurdles are stepping stones. - A Motivational Post.

One day, a man fell in a pit. He found none helps him. Suddenly he started screening as "Fire! Fire! Fire" People called fire service. Fire service men rescued him and asked for fire. He replied "Would you have rescued me if I had shouted as "Shit! Shit! Shit!?"

So, do it what you have to do to achieve what you want, rather than choosing to work hard.

Four partners run a taxi service. The driver went to railway station, airport, bus stand and all the places where the people in need of taxi. But none got into this taxi. They got no business for weeks and months. The problem is they decided all those four work equally. So, any one will drive others will accompany with him. All those four partners were in the same taxi. Humorous story. Right?

All we need is a simple awareness about what we are doing and what it will be the result of our present action. Simply, it will make a huge change in your life.


  1. Really worthy information you posted for the generation

  2. What if the change is unacceptable?

    1. Change is the only thing having without any change. If the change is unacceptable??? However, you should have broad mind to accept the change. Any change must have some good in it. Please read my blog post "Why Should You Be Optimistic" :)


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