Hurdles are stepping stones - A Motivational Post

Hiking - Hurdles are stepping stones. - A Motivational Post.

Do you like hurdles? No? Okay. Think there is no fielders to block the ball, the bowler also co-operates with the batsman. All the balls will go to 4 or 6. Would you watch that cricket match? Will it be an interesting cricket match? Hence, you found what will be the most interesting thing in life? Yes! They are hurdles. They will bring out the talent in you.

In every attempt, either you are winning or learning. You have to get up and should see where you slipped off, but not where you fall down. The real strength lies in getting back, after you fell down.

Say if you break a stone in 10 hits, it doesn't mean that you failed 9 times. If you get gold in 1500 feet depth, it doesn't meat that you failed in 1499 feet digging. If you reached your destination, which is in 100th step, it doesn't mean, you failed in all 99 steps.

Situations or People, both are powerless without your reaction. It's all about how you see it, how you see yourself and how you respond. The one thing I like in Devil is, it still believes, that it can capture the entire world. The Devil didn't give up yet.

Believe in your dream - Hurdles are stepping stones. - A Motivational Post.

Don't forget, you have to be an odd to be No.1. So, don't hesitate to be an odd. People who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do. So, leave other's opinion about you. Your opinion about you matters a lot. What you think, you will become. At least, you be positive to you. Be true to yourself.

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. Coincidences, synchronicities and serendipities are all signs from the universe that you are on your true path.

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