Jo and the Boy

Jo and the Boy

Who doesn't have dream? We all have a childhood dream. However, some of us just give it up, some of us don't even chase it.

This movie is all about a girl who achieved her childhood dream.

As usual, when she reveals her dream in her class, every one laughed first time (It happens, when a child says his/her ambition is other than Doctor or Engineer). The next day, she re-present her dream in the way everyone wow...

Creating an interactive cartoon character is Jo's dream. She is a sanguine personality. She handles all the huddles with a smile and sees a positive in it.

Jo and the Boy

Though Jo was focusing on her ambition, she did not fail to look around her. She got a charming boy as her cartoon character.

Though their first meeting was not sweet, the boy touch her (even our) heart by expressing his dream as Jo express her dream in her school days.

The boy's dream is to around the world. Jo and the boy helps each other to achieve their dreams. Finally, they both around the world.

Jo and the Boy

All of the obstacles they faced were caused by someone else. Their amazing parents really supported them to achieve.

Screenplay, Location, Sceneries, Facial Expressions etc., everything was awesome. If you have a dream, you must watch this movie at leas once in a life.

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