How Chanting Works


A few weeks back, I did not believe astrology like stuffs. My friend, Saravanan usually discusses about that a lot. In a curiosity, I just went to an Astrologer. He told everything about my past and present but did not discuss about my future. So, I lost my hope. I decided to consult an astrologer who thinks just like me as he is capable of answering all my questions.

Then, I remembered Mr. Shankar. I came to know him through his blog (Click Here). It was a really amazing meeting with him. He suggested me to chant. I asked him how it works. He told me that Chanting creates a vibration; when we do more, we could feel it in every cell of our body. It will remove blocks in our brain. I was really convinced.

I could understand it easily as I already watched Sadhguru's video how calling names works. When our entire body gets the vibration, the chant will start working. Read this blog to know the minimum number of count for every manthra.

Our body produces new cells and removes dead cells every day. So, we have to chant daily and regularly.

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