O Kadhal Kanmani

O Kadhal Kanmani

If you really love one, you can't let him/her go. Caring too much is often misunderstood as dominating and give more space is in other hand, misunderstood as carelessness. Balancing between these two, with a committed relationship, is a new concept introduced by Mani Rathnam.

Dulquer Salmaan and Nithya Menon live in together in the same house as paying guest where, Prakash Raj and Leela Samson were living as a traditional husband and wife.

Initally Dulquer Salmaan and Nithya Menon think that uncommitted live in together is suitable for them as their ambition is different also they fell in love with each other. They were staying in Prakash Raj's house as a paying guest. Prakash Raj's wife Leela has Alzheimer's disease. How Prakash Raj treats his wife in spite of the Alzheimer's disease, made changes in Dulquer Salmaan and Nithya Menon's decision to live in together. They found that they love each other most.

OK Bangaram

Nithya got admission in a college in Paris on the other hand Dulquer had to go to United States in deputation. Both of them, did not wish to lose their carrier. So, Dulquer finally told that, none of them lose their carrier, but they should marry and when she finishes her studies, he will join with her.

Dulquer went to United States and Nithya went to Paris, as he told, on her convocation, he was there. After that they lived together (again). They got two children. Thus the story ends.

I feel its a perfect balance between taking care and giving space. When people avoid the marriage as it has commitment and domination, they started a new trend called "Live in together". However, it is not a solution. Mani Rathnam gave a perfect solution for this generation.

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