Why should you be optimistic?

Why should you be optimistic?

There are many medical, psychological and scientific benefits for optimists. It makes you healthier, to live longer, to be cool, to get more job offers, promotions etc..,. Optimistic people are loved by almost everyone.

Our thinking pattern changes over the years. But if you hold the positive thoughts, you can have the bright future. If you desire one thing, the entire universe makes a plan to get it to you.

You can read many things about having positive thoughts, however, this post is little different from them. I am going to explain how it works scientifically.

Before we enter into that, I request you to try this.

  • Sit comfortably
  • Close your eyes
  • Spread your hands with palms open
  • Try to join both the palms very slowly

Fine! At the end, you will find some obstacles between two palms. I will explain you why.

Actually we have many bodies. Among them, only one body is visible to the eyes. But other bodies work, invisibly. They are called as "Sukshuma Shareeram". When your visible body (Bhutha / Sthula Shareeram) is fueled by foods, the sukshuma shareerams are fueled by karma. They are fueled by your thoughts and actions.

If you have positive thoughts and positive actions, they will be healthy. As your visible body does the tangible things, your invisible body does intangible things.

All those invisible bodies are connected with each other, unlike our visible body is connected through the internet. Thus, the right thing comes to you as you expect. If some of your expectations fail, perhaps, you did not communicate properly through your invisible body.

When your visible body is cleaned by the water, your invisible body is cleaned by fire. So, if there is camp fire or yagnya, your invisible body will be cleaned, if you are just near to the fire.

So, be optimistic. It doesn't mean that you should not be careful.

When optimism opens the door, the pessimism shows the safest way. Like two sides of a coin, optimism and pessimism should be there for a peaceful life. But, you have to keep the perfect balance between them.


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