Six Light Years - A Voyage for True Love

He was there where all the cameras twinkling to capture him as he won the best programmer award. But his eyes were searching someone. One of his old friends said met him after the function.

Friend: Hey! Congrats. For both the things.
He: Both?
Friend: Searching someone.....
He: Ya.... She is following me for the past couple of weeks. Wherever I go, she is there. She is traveling a lot for me. ha ha ha ... One day, I just drove fast. She did not give up. I wonder, how can she be that fast as a professional racer!
Friend: Really? How fast she is? 120 kms? 180kms? You know one thing? She traveled a lot for you than you know. Yes! 6 years at the speed of light. She named herself as Anu to live in earth.
He: Wow!! Really? Today, I am going to give her a surprise.

When he is going by car, as usual Anu followed her. At one point, he parked his car, came to her and said, “Anu, Could you please give me lift?”
Anu: Please get in. (After he got in, she asked) Where do you want to go?
He: Let’s have a cup of coffee!!

She embraced.

In the coffee shop...

He: I think you write Sci Fis. Could you tell me one of your Sci Fis?
She: Ya.
She narrated the story. After she finished, he said, “Wow!! Interesting story. A girl loved a boy in another planet. She came to that planet to marry him.” He continued.. “But there is no romantic ending in your story. Shall I add something in your story?”
She: Of course. Yes!
He: They went to a coffee shop. Both fell in love. Both got married too.

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  1. Awesome... Especially... the way he finished the story is fantastic...!


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