Amazing Parents!!

What if the parents let their children to choose their own career? What if the parents let the children to keep their own discipline? After a long time, I saw such a parents. Yes!! I thought only my parents are good enough like that. (I happened to know Kamal Hassan also like that.)

In the past few years, I found all the parents (except my parents) force their children to chase parent's dream, but not their own dream. They "shape" children's career by cutting all their branches of creativity and make them well "disciplined" by autocracy. But yesterday was the day I found a parents who are really good enough like my parents. They give full freedom to their daughters. (I am not saying this as they gave Idlies and Organic Mango Juice. )

Amazing Parents!!

I was with them 80 minutes (20:23 to 22:03). Discussed about the camp we recently attended, some jokes, Idlies, ect.,

They knew about this Macaulay's Education System, earning is just part of life, consequences of forcing children, ect., in short, they knew all those things parents must know.

Gopika's parents gave me yet another positive point that I can re-establish Ancient Indian Education System

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