Where Are They?

Every year, I hear a story that this boy is State First, This girl is State First. Every year. But, one thing I really wonder about, where are they now, who was state first, five years ago? All those State First are valid for just one year? After few years, there will be no much difference between who won state first and those who did not.

Schools and colleges are advertising with those who won school first or cent per cent. Colleges and schools propagate about themselves that they got cent per cent result. Over the years.

I am bored of hearing such things every year. Hearing this for the past 17 years. Among those 51 State Firsts (the most intelligent people in this milky way), not even one scientist was not there, at least one entrepreneur was not there. No such news about them, apart from that they were state first in their academics. After 2 days of result announcing, they are also one among those who did not get state first or a couple of mark less than them.

Anyways they are also going to work for the people, who are much lower in the Intelligence Quotient (all the Customer Care Agency says in the training, that 35 year old American has the Intelligence Quotient of 10 year old Indian)

How many Chief Executives of an International Companies were studied in India and got State First? How many entrepreneurs we got out of those who got state first? All we got people work for Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberk & for (late) Steve Jobs (who are not even a graduate)

Finally answer this one question. What did they achieve by being No.1 in SSLC and HSLC? Where are they now? Why not Schools and Colleges are not producing the scientists instead of just state rank holders? Why don't parents want their children to be a scientists or entrepreneur instead of just employed?

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