Changing Education System?

I don't mean to write negatively about the organization which conducted the camp. However, I am just pointing out the areas to be improved.

I remember a quote of Einstein “Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.”

People who are struggling to get back the ancient Indian culture are the people those who lost it and adopted western culture over the year. They try to bring back the ancient Indian education system, but their system (beyond some levels) similar to Macaulay Education System.

I did not expect this from "that" organization.

10 Years back they taught me that ancient Indian education method was good to develop knowledge. From that day onward, I worked on myself to practice to learn and to think like an ancient Indian student. (The thing is, I was half the way while I was taught)

But, now, they are teaching how to teach in ancient Indian method, through Macaulay method.

All their activities were become just a rituals, rather than following them with conscious, so as Hinduism.

At the last minute of the camp, when I am out of the gate, I proved that I am a product of Bharath, but they are the product of India.


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