Entering into the 10th year of my reading life.

It’s almost a decade.

Today I am entering into the 10th year of my reading life. I still remember which book was suggested by whom.

Reading what I mean here is, apart from academic books, I read books which matches my passion. Though my Mom did not force me to get good grades, I strictly had academic books alone on my hand. But I did not get good grades either.

After Higher Secondary, I got nearly two months holiday to join in my bachelor's degree course. So, I wanted to spend those times usefully. 31st of March 2006 I bought my first book to read. Swami Mithranandha's Manasukkul Varalaama, Vikatan Publication, suggested by Mr. Santhana Krishnan, Economics teacher in Edayatrumangalam Rengaswamy Iyer Higher Secondary School (where I studied). Then I gradually moved on to science. The fact is the first book I read (26th December 1999) was Wow 2000 Worlds. But it was just like an encyclopedia. So it cannot be said as reading. It was mere knowing.

Though I initially started with spiritual book, my interest was on science. I read science fictions of Sujatha. Then I moved on to his random thoughts and experience’s volumes. I learnt Technology from Sujatha, History from Madhan and Psychology from Dr. Shalini. Apart from these I love moral bed time stories of children by Thenkachchi Ko Swaminathan. I acquired religious (Hinduism) thoughts from Suki Sivam.

People think that I am alone always, the fact is I was with Sujatha, Suki Sivam, Shalini, swami Sukabothanandha, swami Mithranandha, Thenkachchi Ko Swaminathan, Madhan and many more. The list is even lengthier than the grocery list for marriage. The books I have to read is also a very long list.

I am a visual thinker. I visualize whatever I read. I hate words, which does not let me to visualize. For example Definition said my so and so, legal documents, etc.,

I really love sci-fi and fantasy. Not only stories, I love fantastical arts. I must here mention about Vaandumama. I really love his stories even now. I read the magazine Chandamama till the last issue came. No matter how big I grow, I cannot give up the children writer Vaandumama and the children magazine Chandamama. I was reading Chandamama since July 1994. Unfortunately, it met bankruptcy.

I feel comfortable reading in native language. Other language needs sound knowledge of idioms and phrases. That reduces my visualizing capacity. Hence, I prefer infographics in case of languages other than my native language.

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